ATP-MS-879 Katowice, Panewniki - apartment for sale



Agent's details

Surname Arkadiusz Chrabąszcz
Mobile phone 889444213


Offer's symbol ATP-MS-879
Location Katowice, Panewniki
Building type apartments house
Total area [m2] 76,00 m²
Usable area [m2] 76,00 m²
Storey 2floor
No. of rooms 3
Price 900 000 PLN
Price/m2 11842.11 PLN
Garage price 50 000 PLN


Costs included in rent Repair fund, Water
Costs ref to counters Current, gas
No. of floors in the building 2
Premises state for registration
Windows new PCV
Balcony yes
No. of balcony 2
View Show mine
Surrounding Show mine
Lift yes


No. of rooms 3


ATP-MS-1000, Apartment for sale, Katowice, Panewniki

Apartment for sale,
Katowice, Panewniki

Total area [m2]: 71.69

No. of rooms: 3

Storey: 2floor

837 000 PLN